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Facility Management

Management According to Laws and Regulations

R A S Health Care manages facilities in accordance with each country’s governing laws, rules and regulations, accreditation standards for healthcare organizations, and regulations governing hospitals and any other laws or standards pertaining to hospitals.

Facility Maintenance

RAS has employed a successful and cost-effective program for facilities management. The assigned project team is involved from the initiation of the management contract and continues with the general maintenance of the facility during the course of the contract.

Accreditation and Certification

The management philosophy of the company is to meet and exceed the Standards of the Joint Commission (JCAHO). Beginning on day one of the management agreement, steps will be taken to begin the process of achieving and maintaining JCAHO accreditation


The Credentialing process is a key process in out-patients/centers operations and extends to admin staff as well as medical staff. There are clear guidelines for performing the initial evaluation and then on an on-going basis. There is a great deal of risk management involved in the credentialing process and must be incorporated into the evaluation and periodic re-credentialing of the staff.

Financial Management – Budgeting, Billing, Collections, Cost Savings

One of The Company’s strengths is its ability to manage the finances of hospitals including the budget process, revenue cycle management (registration through billing and collections), information system integration, the medical record component as it relates to finances and planning activities for capital expenditures.

Quality Improvement

The Quality Improvement program is a direct tie in to the operating philosophy of the Company. The foundation for the QI program is patient satisfaction, medical delivery quality, risk management and regulatory compliance. All of these are intertwined and should all result in an organization that learns much in the same way as individuals learn.

 Hospital Staff Training/ Staffing

Employees must be kept up-to-date on their specific skills as clinicians or members of the administrative team to include the most current rules, regulations, compliance issues, Joint Commission standards, CMS rules and regulations, etc. RAS will therefore allocate significant resources to the budget for staff training and continuing education. The foundation and basis for quality begins with employees and the respective delivery of healthcare services. The Company takes the approach to staffing from its annual budget. As mentioned previously, a general staffing plan is included in the annual budget.

Human Resources

We have employee operating procedures that are under constant review. All institution employees are trained in accordance with the policies and are coordinated with the quality improvement program. As the organization changes our employees receive updates and become a part of the learning organization. Change management must be reflective of the hospital’s culture, its medical staff’ and community. The Company follows the standards of JCAHO in defining jobs, and creating measures for performance and improvement. Each employee will receive an annual formal evaluation and continual feedback on daily performance.


Only proven and established technologies will meet our exacting standards for patient safety, security and confidentiality. We have our own EMR system which helps all facilities to keep everything well updated.

People Process Technology
Provides extensive expertise in all supply chain processes Initiates detailed cost study savings analysis with every customer to determine savings opportunities and implementation roadmap specific to customer needs Features comprehensive and proven technology offerings across the supply chain 
Draws upon clinical expertise in all service lines, and promotes collaboration among the organization’s medical, clinical and administrative personnel Uses  proven supply chain operational policies and procedures to drive best-practice improvements Provides outstanding service and consulting to ensure sustained improvements
Includes supplemental personnel for process improvement or technology initiatives Leverages supply chain expertise to design process flows from value analysis to accounts payable , to utilization and patient charging  
  Adopts an enhanced software implementation approach and methodology to promote process improvements  
Health Care

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