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Non Medical Care Services


  Monitor diet and eating   Provide Alzheimer's/dementia care   Eating
  Provide respite care   Aid with morning wake-up   Grooming
  Stimulate mental awareness   Assist with evenings and tuck-in   Dressing
  Companionship and conversation   Arrange appointments   Bathing
  Supervise home maintenance   Provide medication reminders   Incontinence/toileting
 Prepare grocery lists   Aid with reading   Cognitive impairments
  Mail bills and letters   Assist with walking   Mobility
 Plan visits, outings and trips   Organize mail   Medication reminders
  Answer the door and phone   Change linens and make beds  
  Maintain calendar   Write letters and correspondence  
  Assist with evening tuck-in   Plan, prepare and clean up meals  
  Assist with entertaining   Escort for shopping, errands and appointments  
 Check food expirations   Drop off and pick up dry cleaning  
  Reminisce about the past   Pick up prescriptions  
  Provide reminders for appointments   Organize and clean closets  
  Care for houseplants   Assist with pet care  
  Oversee home deliveries   Shop for groceries and supplies  
  Assist with clothing selections   Prepare future meals  
  Discuss current and historical events   Accompany to lunch or dinner  
  Play games and cards   Dusting vacuuming and sweeping  
  Record and arrange recipes   Attend plays and concerts  
  Clip coupons for shopping   Attend meeting and sporting events  
  Monitor TV usage   Escort to religious services  
 Buy magazines, papers and books    
 Rent and play movies    
 Visit neighbors and friends    
 Read religious material    
 Maintain family scrapbook    
 Record family history    
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Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

Posted on Thursday January 01, 1970

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